Causes Of White Collar Crime

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We are all in danger of being a victim of a White Collar Crime. Since studying this topic for the last two months I was shocked and kind of scared on how we are all at risk. It is not everyday that we hear about white-collar crimes but these non-violent crimes are on the rise. Within reading (Source 1) Understanding White-Collar Crime by Michael Benson it was first defined by sociologist Edwin Sutherland in 1939 as "a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation.” A white-collar crime is a nonviolent crime committed usually for financial benefit. However crimes are particularly hard to track, and technology today is making it even harder. There is a wide range of white-collar criminals, but they are usually business and government professionals, or someone in a position of trust. Even though no physical harm is being conducted, white-collar crimes cause financial danger. However I would like to define the term White-Collar Crime and to inform you how you could be at risk of Telemarketing/Phone fraud and Credit Card fraud.

I. The term White-Collar Crime covers a wide array of crimes, but they all involve crimes committed through the purpose of gaining money or other assets. A. One of the most common type of White-Collar Crimes is Fraud. 1.The crime of fraud requires four elements of the crime.
a. Fraud is committed by misrepresenting facts in order to gain something in return.
b. The perpetrator made a
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