Causes Of Wildlife Accidents

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INTRODUCTION According to the statistics from the Responsible Exotic Animal Ownership (REXANO), AZA zoos and sanctuaries accounted for 60% of human fatalities. The average human deaths were 1.2 every year and caused by several types of animal, including big cats, elephants, killer whales and exotic canines. Association of Zoos and Aquariums, which is simply symbolized as AZA, is a private group accrediting big city zoos such as the Hong Kong Ocean Park and very expensive to join. CAUSES OF THE WILDLIFE ACCIDENTS There are several reasons accounting for the wildlife accidents. 1. Animals are unpredictable and sensitive Animals can be unpredictable and are incredibly sensitive to their surroundings. No matter how well for the protection, all animals have the potential to cause harm. 2. Up-close personal encounter increases the danger The danger is potentially increased when there is an up-close personal encounter. For example, visitors may be given a chance to feed a baby tiger with milk in Thailand or took a picture with kangaroo in Australia National Park. Since Animals can be unpredictable and aware of the surroundings, they might react violently towards the visitors without any signal. In this case, accidents will still occur even though the above activities are under supervisions. 3. Insufficient awareness of citizens The awareness of citizens is not high enough due to not paying attention to the safety education. For example, citizens may not follow or look down on

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