Causes Of Youth Homelessness In Canada

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Youth homelessness in Canada is not a new phenomenal, it has become more and more severe over the past 20 years. “One third of homeless individuals on the streets are under the age of 25”(Cino, Rose). It is a significant social justice issue in Canada. Within our community people are increasingly aware of the sight of youth sleeping in parks, asking for money and sitting on sidewalks. Youth homelessness is caused by tragic life occurrences such as abuse, illness or unemployment, while many falsely assume homelessness is a choice. Abuse and neglect are one of the top three leading causes of youth homelessness. “Studies show 70 percent of homeless youth have suffered some form of physical, sexual or emotional abuse” and “45.7 percent of street…show more content…
Some homeless individuals are so mentally ill that pedestrians assume this person must be on drugs. Yes, some do drugs, but most homeless individuals who use drugs started using them after they have lost their home. For most, drugs were not the leading cause of their loss of housing but can potentially give them trouble finding a spot within a homeless shelter since “Many shelters will not admit anyone who is drunk or high. Those who do not have shelter or enough income come join us here daily to eat or take a nap”(Gretchen, St. John’s Kitchen). Many of them suffer from mental illnesses, “25.6% were diagnosed with anger management problems, 19.1% with ADHD, 15.2% with hyperactivity, 4.5% with dyslexia”(Toronto Star Newspaper). Depression, anxiety, anger management, paranoia or post-traumatic stress disorder while the list goes on which is quite understandable due to the circumstances but “many are left untreated”(Covenant House Toronto). Some are physically disabled since birth or have gotten in an accident in which they could not recover from or do not have the care needed. Others are so emotionally scarred that a normal life is impossible to adapt back…show more content…
no high school diploma). Due to their low success rate with getting hired, they find an alternative to earn their income. “36% of street youth earn money by panhandling, 19% break and enter or sell drugs, 18% receive social assistance, 17% have paid employment, and 10% do sex trade work. [...] 31% including men and women reported engaging in street prostitution at least once in their lives”(1999 Documentary Toronto Youth Homelessness). In the interview on youtube by Stephen Stills, a homeless teen in Toronto explains that he will do almost anything for 20 dollars and makes about 100 dollars a day doing very inhumane

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