Causes Of Youth Violence Essay

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Youth violence People who are helpless make an open theater of youth violence. Youth violence is a harmful behavior that most of the young adulthood requires. Youth violence includes different behaviors. Some violent acts-such as bullying, robbery, or fighting cause more emotional harm. Youth violence is a serious issue in today’s world. Youth violence is on the rise throughout the world. These violent acts are being done daily in schools around the world. Youth violence can destroy people life if someone joins any gang, commit murder, rob a bank, etc. Youth violence affects the way we live, play, or almost all our daily lives. When I consider of how youth violence affected my life, I have so many things in my mind. In my life…show more content…
I saw many people victim of youth violence. For example, when my cousin was in high school, she had to face youth violence in her school. She was a victim of bullying. Because of bullying she was totally destructed in her study. When she comes home, she always uses to be upset and stay in her room. It affected her life and my life. I am scared about when I will go to high school if I become a victim of bullying. There are many causes of youth violence. The availability of drugs and weapons in the community is one of the causes of youth violence. If people can get weapons easily, they could easily do a crime. Bullying is also a cause of youth violence. Teenagers, who are victims of bullying, are more likely to become violent, cry for help. There are the obvious physical problems and injuries that can result from physical bullying. Another cause of youth violence is gangs. There are many of teenagers in gang, whose friends are in gang and they join the gang. The teenagers join the gang just to prove the other people that they are cool. Even they have to kill or fight someone to get in it the gang. That is why they are always ready to do stupid things without thinking about their family and their
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