Causes School Violence

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School violence hits every newspaper headline each day. It’s an act that has brought enormous losses to respective institutions, students and staffs. Research has shown that students find it as the only best alternative to air their grievances yet there are many other remedies for the same. As a result institutions are closed indefinitely, learning programs are interrupted, premises and machinery are destroyed. In the long run, does this provide solution to the grievances presented? No is the best answer for that question. Most innocent students who even don’t participate in the violence suffer a lot. They pay for huge damages, their time is wasted, and some of them end of jailed while other die. It’s so much unfortunate that most students suffer and pay a lot of money yet they don’t participate in school violence. What are the causes of school violence? This is a question frequently asked but its answer cannot be exhausted. Every school violence is brought by different grievances. The main cause of school violence is weak relationship between students and administrators of institutions. In case there is an issue and dialogue fails, there must be violence of which it will press the administrators to the furthest corner due to unfavorable results. Ethnicity and racial discrimination is another factor that cause school violence. Where there is election in higher institutions, violence must emerge since every tribe want to rule. Most of the leaders of school violence are
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