Cautionary Tales Summary

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Students Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Institution: Date: Fictional Cautionary Tales Read by Children and Adults Fictional tales are read by both children and adults. The practice of reading fictional children stories has been in existence, far exceeding humankind’s modern human history. Children and adults alike have learned from the cautionary tales each retaining a piece of insight most relevant to their very being. Many would argue that such stories are developed for children and that they are the group that is most impacted and impressed by the tales (Barbara 24). They would claim that, as children are far less cognitively developed, their minds are exceedingly easily formed by such stories. The stories also act as deterrent against assumptions of irresponsible behavior for the children. On the other hand, even though the stories always target at children, in most occasions they contain mature themes and undertones suitable for adults. From the stories, the adults are also able to acquire some knowledge and information relevant to them. Through this the society becomes developed. Children are meant to acquire good virtues when young and to inform them of dangers of some behaviors. Tales commonly espouse themes of tribalism, deceit and even mortal danger. Protagonists often represent vulnerable members of society in most cases they…show more content…
As much as the old goat never wanted to leave her kids, her parental responsibility could not allow her to remain back with the kids. As a parent the old goat had the responsibility to protect her kids which she could only achieve when she stayed back at home. On the other hand, she had another responsibility of ensuring that the young kids get their daily bread. This is an in incidence that exists and leaves within the adult human beings and it encourages and teaches adults on how to take care of their
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