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Introduction Cavite City is one of the seven cities in Cavite province with sixteen towns and part of region IV-A CALABARZON. The city was the capital of Cavite province from the latter 's establishment in early 1600’s until late 1900’s, and currently transferred to Imus City. This place is not only historical by land due to its miraculous archipelago because it is surrounded by water yet blessed against natural catastrophes such as cyclone and earthquakes. A lot of unforgettable names are curved during colonialism and one of the famous heroes this city has were the thirteen martyrs. But above its historical signature are the classic foods and delicacies that are preserved and inherited up to the present generation. The youths of today are…show more content…
They use this technology along with social media to show beautiful experiences, moments, places and even foods. Foods are part of everyday living of everybody. It’s the basic unit of source of energy in one’s daily activities. Cavite City has a lot of delicious and mouth-watering foods and delicacies that captured the heart of many Caviteños and tourist visitors. According to “Lutong Cavite” a blog dedicated to Cavitenean cooking and the city itself (2010) some of these dishes are namely as follow:Pansit Pusit, similar to the well-known Pancit Bihon or Sotanghon that contains squid instead of pork or chicken meat. This dish is originally cooked by Asiong’s family that is still operating up to present. Tamales is made of ground rice, slices of pork, salted egg, garbanzos and peanuts with rice flours known as galapong that can easily found in Dizon Bakery. Bibingkoy a rice cake with rice batter surrounding sweetened monggo, cooked and served with a sauce made of a mixture of sweetened coconut milk that is thickened with rice flour, and sweetened with langka and sago. Bacalao a common food that is being served every Lenten season made of dried salted labahita as main ingredient. Kilawin that is cooked with grated green papaya, vinegar with grated lungs and mindonggo of

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