Cawdor In Macbeth

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In William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Macbeth changes from a respected general, loyal servant of the king to a person that everybody hates. Macbeth was a loyal king and always want to defend his country. “ No more that thane of cawdor shall deceive our bosom interest. Go, pronounce his present death and with his former title greet macbeth”(1.3.73-76). In this quote it 's showing how king Duncan trust macbeth and rewarded him with being the thane of cawdor. Everything start to change when Macbeth and Banquo receive a message from the witches that he “shall be king”(1.3.90). Macbeth felt so good about himself because he found out that he gonna be king. But he found out that king Duncan son was gonna be king, but Macbeth started to feel guilt and that
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