Cayce Pollard In William Gibson's Pattern Recognition

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Pattern Recognition
The novel, Pattern Recognition, by William Gibson, follows Cayce Pollard, a 32-year old “coolhunter”, who can determine whether a product or brand will become successful. In other words, her job entails recognizing patterns in the market, and applying them to maximize profits. Her monotonous life takes a sudden turn when she is given an intriguing assignment: to find the creator of the F:F:F, an online website which has captivated the entire world. Overall, this book is thought-provoking, and definitely worth reading. It has many complex characters, uses several literary devices, and highlights a multitude of world topics. Because of these aspects, Pattern Recognition is an appropriate choice for a high school study novel.
Pattern Recognition offers the reader intricate characters for study and analysis. Consequently, Gibson creates a spectrum of colourful characters, from the enigmatic protagonist Cayce Pollard, to the cunning antagonist, Dorotea Benedetti. These characters are portrayed with deeper personalities and interesting characteristics. For example, Cayce Pollard is described as a person with an acute awareness of brand popularity, as she has an intuitive ability to feel if a logo will work or not. In spite of her ability to predict a brand’s potential
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The characters have complex personalities from which to draw insightful analysis. In addition, Gibson’s use of literary devices such as imagery and allusions teach students how to apply these techniques in literature. Also, students can be challenged with new concepts, such as apophenia, while at the same time, build on previously known topics, such as social media. Through his unique writing style, Gibson creates an exciting thriller filled with unexpected twists. Not only will students be able to gain literary knowledge from this novel, but they will also enjoy the captivating
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