Cayde Lish Research Paper

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Police interrogation Cayde Lish interview after fatal stabbing
Cayde Lish was interviewed for allegedly stabbing Jeremiah Paiz.Cayde Lish and Jeremiah had picked up an argument outside argument the Canyon Crest dining. It was during this argument Cayde Lish stabled Paiz 13 times in the back, once on the arm and punctured. It was from these wounds that Paiz died.
Cayde Lish through interrogation by the police talked to the police a day after stabbing Paiz to dealth.During the interrogation, Cayde seemed did not seem comfortable with the interrogation as it would always be with any suspect.Surprisignly, while the interrogation was on; it appeared like a story telling session with one person (the police) seeking clarification from the other party.
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