Cayenne Pepper Cures

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Cayenne Pepper Cures:

The Quick and Easy Guide


Cayenne pepper is a perennial shrub which grows to about 100 cm in height. The plant thrives in warm climate and well-drained sandy soil. It has a woody stem with several branches is covered with dark green leaves.

Cayenne is a spicy tasting herb that is red or orange. Most people add a dash of it into their food and include it to recipes to add flavor and some heat to meals. It also possesses healing properties and herbalists have been extensively utilizing it for over many years to boost immunity, help cleanse the body, soothe ulcers and combat colds. More recently, a weight reduction diet, commonly known as “The Master Cleanse” or cayenne pepper diet
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It is used variously in its powdered, dried, fresh and as dried flakes. In addition to this, Cayenne is a key component in a variety of hot sauces, especially those that use vinegar as preservative. It is also usually spread on sandwiches as well as other items to add a spicy flavor. The famous buffalo wing sauce contains cayenne. Below are some serving tips for cayenne pepper:

• Raw, fresh cayenne peppers are extensively utilized as veggies in cuisines in most parts of south Asia, particularly in India, where they are generously combined with other veggies such as cumin seeds, onion, garlic, tomato, green beans, pumpkin, okra and potato as well as with other spices in different mouth-watering stir fries.
• Cayenne chilies can also be soaked in yogurt and salted. After which, they are dried under the sunlight and are eaten as side snack at dinner in India.
• Thin cuts of cayenne peppers are preferred mix in Chinese-style veggie noodles and stir-fries.
• Dried cayenne pepper powder is a crucial component in curry spice or Cajun spice mix in most Asian
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This is a diet program which consists of cayenne pepper, fruit juice and some form of natural sweetener such as maple syrup or honey. The lemonade diet is one of such diet. The recipe for this diet program consists of 8 ounces of water (room or cold temperature, based on preference), a pinch of cayenne pepper, 2 tablespoons of real maple syrup and 2 tablespoons of limejuice or lemon juice. All these ingredients must be combined in tightly sealed container.

This diet regimen works due to the three powerful ingredients namely – cayenne pepper, maple syrup and lemon. The lemon fruit is packed with loads of minerals and it is not a seasonal fruit. In addition to this, lemons helps promote better blood flow, eliminate waste materials, cleanse the digestive organs, and flush out toxic wastes and relieve stress and

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