Caylee Anthony

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The decomposing body of 2 year old Caylee Anthony was moved twice according to a time line provided by a bug expert on Saturday at the first degree murder trial of the girl’s mother Case Anthony. Prosecutors said Casey smothered Caylee with duct tape wrapped around her head, nose and mouth. Defense lawyer Jose Baez contends Caylee accidentally drowned in the Anthony’s backyard pool and that her death went unreported. Entomologist Neal Haskell testified Caylee’s body had completed a short, initial stage of decomposition before the body allegedly was placed in Casey’s car trunk. Haskell testified he based that conclusion on the remains of flies in a trash bag in the trunk. It was said that he only found a single leg from the type of fly that…show more content…
He also said that the gnats were concentrated in stains on paper towels which were determined to be fluid consistent with human decomposition. Haskel said he believed the towels were used in an attempt to clean up a similar stain on the trunk’s carpet. Stated that the body remained in the car trunk for up to five days, long enough for biochemical changes that attract the gnats, before being moved directly to the woods, likely in June or early July 2008. Haskell’s findings fit earlier prosecution evidence that dogs trained to sniff out the odor of human decomposition signaled that they found the scent on the ground near Caylee’s playhouse in the Anthony’s backyard, and that the scent likely was limited to the surface rather than deep into the ground. Haskel’s testimony conflicted with the theory of the defense that the car odor and fluid stains in the trunk might have come from household garbage. Haskel testified that the empty pizza box, empty soda cans and other refuse in the trash bag would not have attracted the flies. Also, a land surveyor showed jurors a 3-D animation of the topography where Caylee’s remains were

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