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Caylee Anthony was born to a 19 year old, unwed mother, under uncertain circumstances, for Casey was unaware of whom the father was. Casey lived alone and her parents helped raise the child.

Casey lived in a middle class area, in a city that is known for its high amount of tourism and vacationing, Orlando, FL, but quite the opposite and unthinkable happened.

In June of 2008, two year old Caylee Anthony goes missing. Casey, Caylee’s mother failed to report her daughter missing or a month. She stated that she was conducting her own investigation.

In June of 2008, two year old Caylee Anthony goes missing. Last time Caylee was seen alive was June 15th, 2008, where there is confirmed video of Caylee with her grandparents, Cindy and George.
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Casey’s brother Lee starts searching for were she could be. Casey reassured her family and friends that Caylee was safe and was staying with a Nanny.

July 8th Casey took her friend, Amy, to the airport, after she dropped her friend off she stole multiple checks and went on multiple shopping spree’s draining her friend’s bank account for a week.

On July 15th, Casey’s mother, Cindy, calls police to arrest her daughter on stealing family’s car and money. She also told police that her granddaughter may also be missing and that she got her daughters car and it smelled as if there was a dead body in it.
Police question Casey, Casey states she hasn’t seen Caylee in 30 days and that she has been conducting her own private investigation.

During the time she was apparently “investigating” she visited a Block Buster Video store the day she stated Caylee went missing, she also went out clubbing multiple times, she even got her nails done and a new tattoo, all while “investigating” where he poor daughter
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After months of testifying the trial comes to the end on July 11th, when jury deliberates for over 10 hours before coming back with the verdict of not guilty of first degree murder, aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter of a child.
Casey was found guilty of four counts of providing false information to law enforcement.

I personally believe Casey should have been found guilty of first degree murder of her daughter.

If Caylee did accidentally drown, why would they place duct tape over her mouth and dump her body in the woods, why did they call the police and report a accidental drowning?
Another piece of information that father supports that Casey did indeed kill her daughter, was her search history before Caylee went missing, why did she google so many ways to die?

Casey also went out partying many times after her daughter went missing, but she told police that she was investigating where he daughter was.

Forensic expert Dr. Arpad Vass testified that the only plausible explanation for the odor in Casey’s car was the presence of a decomposing human body. A sample of air in Casey’s car also comes back positive that it once held a decomposing body, cadaver dogs also picked up on the sent of
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