Cbp Recruitment Case Study

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Event Synopsis/Comments:
CBP Recruiters participated in an event; the event was held at the CBP Recruitment Office held at the SFAC on Wednesday, June 21, 2017 from 0800-1600. Supervisory CBP Officer Eric Galarza and Supervisory CBP Officer Sharon Ansick attended the event as recruiters on behalf of the Laredo Field Office along with US Border Patrol Recruiters from the Laredo Sector.
CBP Recruiters Ansick and Galarza along with the two USBP recruiters manned the CBP Recruitment Office. Six people, all males to include 5 Veterans, signed the CBP recruitment sign-in sheet. Each potential applicant listened to the OFO recruiters, Galarza and Ansick, give briefings on the employment and application process as well as the duties, benefits, and training.
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Candidates had questions about the application process, academy location and training, vacancy locations, and passing score information. Candidates were also referred to the correct point of contact within the SFAC building for other questions that arose, i.e., resume tips, Veteran’s Benefits, and Medical Board. At the end of meeting with each candidate, they were provided information to text, “CBPFHP to 94543” in order to receive a link to the cbp.gov website for more information.
On average, recruiters spend approximately 45 minutes to an hour visiting with each candidate. The more soldiers are informed of our office the more they will attend for career information. CBP Recruiter Ansick was also provided a briefing on CBP Recruitment Operations at the SFAC Building, the locations of the Soldier Development Center (Ed. Center) and Oveta Culp Hobby Soldier and Family Readiness Center by Recruiter

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