Cbt Integration

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There is a lot of empirical support for cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) in treating a variety of disorders. CBT continues to adapt, and recently great success has been found by adding elements of mindfulness and acceptance in the theoretical framework (Tan, 2007). These components have spiritual roots, and are in line with the Scriptures, and therefor allow integration depending on the clients religious beliefs. CBT can be adapted to the client’s faith, and this article specifically focuses on Christian integration using prayer and scripture (Tan, 2007). In all areas of counseling it is important to practice in an effective and ethical way, this is especially true with spiritual integration, because without client consent and ethical motive…show more content…
Prayer can include healing prayer, which is much more intentional in plan and specific in the problem area. The topic of healing is lead by the client and typically an issue form the client’s past that they invite the Holy Spirit to minister to (Tan, 2007). Other forms of prayer that can be integrated in CBT sessions are intercession, contemplative or mediative, or listening prayer (Tan, 2007). The article supplied a case study in which two prayer integration techniques were given. The first was an example of closing prayer, in which the counselor invited the client to close in prayer together before the session ended. The second example was on healing prayer in which the counselor followed seven specific steps as they guided the client through their experience. Once the client was relaxed and open to receiving healing, the counselor steps back to allow the Holy Spirit to minister and debriefs with the client. It is important to understand that healing may not occur for each client, and often may take several healing prayers. The scripture promises grace and peace to sustain us through trials, it does not promise healing. It is an important to be “biblically realistic in their expectations” when finding success in Christian CBT (Tan, 2007, p.…show more content…
The Word of God has many purposes” comfort, guidance, correction, conviction, righteousness, and healing (Tan, 2007). These things can be done with a variety of techniques ranging from mediation or biblical teachings. Cognitive restructuring is a key component to CBT, and when paired with the biblical truth that is the true authority this can truly be transformative and powerful. This is also way it is so important to allow the Holy Spirit to guide and continuously be assess the client’s needs and the counselors motives (Tan, 2007). Another verbatim example was given about how to integrate scripture into a therapy session. The client was able to be freed from unreasonable guilt by gaining a more accurate view of anger through the study of scripture (Tan,
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