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CCIB received a referral #0424-8590-7518-9033739 via fax from Juana Torres regarding Kenneth Salazar (3) (DOB 5/27/2013). RP reported on 3/14/17, Kenneth was physically abused by his teacher 's aide Rosa Espinoza. RP reported she picked him up Kenneth from his Headstart program and took him home. RP reported Kenneth was wearing a sweater and the she asked him to take it off and he did. RP reported when Kenneth sat and grabbed the spoon to start eating, RP noticed that Kenneth had a large bruise on his arm. RP reported that she could see a thumb print on his arm and Kenneth stated the bruise was hurting him. RP stated she put some ointment on Kenneth 's arm. RP reported yesterday 3/15/17, she and her son went to the school and the mother

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