Cctvs Advantages And Disadvantages

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Closed Circuit Television Cameras or also known as CCTVs are a big help in both public and private communities here in the Philippines or even in the other countries because it records all the happenings and all the crimes and other things on your surroundings and it’s a big help.
Preventing crimes in one of the main objectives or goals of CCTVs or Closed Circuit Television Cameras. And one of the ways to prevent crimes is to install CCTVs (Closed Circuit Television Cameras) in the places where most of the crimes are committed such as malls when those people are doing shoplifting. Schools, when they are bomb threats, bullying, littering, fighting and other violations that students might done. And especially in banks and other places. Through monitoring everyday, we can determine what was happened especially when something went wrong and we can also analyze when some people are acting strange around the place. With the use of CCTV, we can easily track and find the person who committed the crime. I agree that CCTV must also be installed in public places to prevent crimes and keep the people safe.
Closed Circuit Television Cameras or CCTVs are one of the most powerful, useful and important things in this world. Because it records all the happenings in the past or in the history and it also gives evidence when crimes such as stealing, fighting, kidnapping and other committed crimes that has been done and it can also help to lead you in the way to justice. Nowadays, not only in
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