Cda Competency Goal 1

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Goal 1: Kayla will improve her emotional and behavioral regulation.

• QP met face to face with Kayla 's biological mother.
• QP gave the purpose of this session which was to review Lesson 3: The 5Rs.
• QP inquired if Kayla 's mother home lack structure.
• QP directed Kayla 's mother to share rules implemented at their home.
• QP determined if Kayla 's mother can discipline in the appropriate way.
• QP suggested Kayla 's mother write rules on a poster board and decorate it for the kids.
• QP reflected on why kids need responsibilities such as chores
• QP instructed Kayla 's mother to list chores for each child.
• QP probed Kayla 's mother to share if she provides rewards.

Goal 2: Kayla will comply with the treatment recommendations of her medical and
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Goal 2: Kayla will comply with the treatment recommendations of her medical and mental health providers.

• Kayla 's mother accepted praised from the QP and shared, "I am going to do what I have to for my kids."
• Kayla 's mother reported, "when I was in foster care it was a horrible experience because I was put on a bunch of medication, so I want my kids out of foster care as soon as possible."
• Kayla 's mother reported, "I have given one screen that came back negative I still have 2 more to do before court."
• Kayla 's mother shared, "we are trying to move into a bigger place, but we don 't have the money due to my husband not working because of his ankle surgery."
• Kayla 's mother listened as the QP shared about information the ILI grant.
• Kayla 's mother 's husband commented, "what do y 'all see me as because I don 't think y 'all realize my wife wouldn 't be able to do any of this stuff without me and y

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