Cda Feasibility Study

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Parent Handbook: Goals:
Can identify 6 body parts from a picture.
Says Full Name
Sings songs and finger plays
Can say and use 500 or more words
Able to balance on one foot
Identifies colors when asked (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple) Philosophy: Our classrooms philosophy is play-based, the lesson plans and how we teacher grow and develop with the children as the year moves on. Different areas of development that we want to help progress and encourage are their literacy skills, social and emotional development, and their problem solving skills. We want to facilitate a love for learning and for education in all our children. They need to feel safe and we want to ensure they feel this way in all aspects of our program
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The goals center around meeting developmental milestones associated with the age group. We want all children to meet these goals and even surpass them. To facilitate this we will be working individually, in small groups, and in large groups. Our curriculum will follow themes for each month that associate with each goal given. The goals will be assessed every 3 months to ensure the children’s progress as well as make changes in curriculum where they are needed. Evaluations will be given along with the curriculum to do the assessments. For literacy skills we will start to work on sentences, talking to the children as much as we can and modeling appropriate examples of work formation and how to piece sentences together. We will facilitate their social and emotional development through partner work and small/large group activities. We will focus on working together, respecting others, and being responsible for our actions. This will also help with their problem solving skills, we will do this through partner work as well. Giving two children a task such as separating objects or a large floor puzzle will allow the children to work together. The curriculum will have an equal focus on family, safety, and support. Many lessons can be taught using examples of children’s families, life style, and individual selves. Getting to know the children and take an interest is a vital part of the curriculum…show more content…
Each team will get their hour on the same day, Monday, this way they can plan for their week. Schedules of meeting times will correlate with what is being done in each scheduled room. Lets say each team has 3 teachers, I will have 3 staff that I will utilize to go into each room for each staff that is apart of the team. If we have 5 teams that means for 5 hours our of the day meetings will be held.
The assessments given are assessments that will be given center wide. The assessments are made by the directors and given out. The only assessment that varies from room to room is the developmental milestones which will be based off the age group. Each assessment given will be copied and given to parents. They will also be stored with the curriculum. When review and creating the curriculum for each room the teams of teachers will use the assessments given as a tool to make each classroom developmentally
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