Cecil The Lion Analysis

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1. Recently, the death of Cecil the Lion has made international headlines. Do a search for news coverage of the story and respond to the following questions:

The murder of Cecil the Lion generated a lot of popularity, I saw this name everywhere, it was on the news channel, on my timeline on twitter. It even showed up on my snapchat where the people I followed used the 15 second video app to express their disgust with the events.
It was interesting to see the uproar, because this is not the first time a lion has been hunted and killed, animals have been treated brutally by humans for centuries. Not to suggest that this is ok, but it was intriguing to see the contrast of complete indifference by many including myself to this emotionally charged
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However I did not agree with some of the sentiments of many people where they wanted to completely destroy the man who hunted Cecil. What he did was wrong, there was no question about t. He was wrong on all fronts, legally and also morally. However attacking him, or the absurd suggestions some were making will not bring back Cecil, so rather donating to charities that make an active effort in stopping these situations from happening is far more productive
2. What is the relationship between nature and “natural”? What do we mean when we refer to something as “natural” and why is this important? How do we choose what should and should not remain natural?

When I think of nature I think of what is inherent, for example when a mother gives birth to her first child it is in her nature as mom to have motherly
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Some argue that culture is what separates and distinguishes humans from other species. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? How are nature and culture different? What are the criteria for something to be considered cultural (in the sociological sense rather than the artistic sense)?

Culture as described as being the opposite of nature means that culture is where we are taught and learn values, skills etc where nature is things we inherently posses. Culture does separate humans form other species because all cultures are different, I mean its clear who is an animal and who is a human, due the cultures of the two species. Culture and nature are different in many aspects the fact that nature is inherent where culture is learnt. The criteria for something to be considered a culture would, that there is a kinship a mutual set of ideologies, like beliefs or traditions shared between groups of people.
What does the world “wilderness” mean to you? How would you define it and what is its significance? Have you ever had an experience in the wilderness that affected you in a particular way? Is wilderness something that is inherently good, bad or
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