Cecilia By Simon And Garfunkel Analysis

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"Cecilia" The song "Cecilia" by Simon and Garfunkel is worth listening to, because it will brighten the listener 's day with its driving tempo, stimulating sounds, and uplifting vocals. It is the type of song we hear at wedding receptions that has the power to get everyone up on their feet and open up a circle on the dance floor. When it comes on the radio, you can 't help but to tap your steering wheel along with the beat. Where ever the audience may be, "Cecilia" creates an aura of excitement. The intro of "Cecilia" compares to the sound of a drum circle during a bonfire with friends. It invites the listener in to participate with hand claps and finger snaps. Its friendly groove catches the audience tapping along on whatever is in front of them and often start stomping their feet. Several may even find themselves getting the urge to stand up and dance. We can relate with the singer belting out, "Cecilia, you 're breaking my heart" (Simon, 1969) and leaves us agreeing that she certainly is, but we are going to keep on dancing nonetheless. This song has the perfect balance of bass and acoustics that give it a well-rounded sound. Simon and Garfunkel make it enjoyable to sing along with their tremulous voices and easy to comprehend lyrics. After the bridge we are treated to a zany xylophone solo. The entire piece is a unique compilation of elements that don 't make up most songs we hear today. When we analyze the lyrics of "Cecilia" they do not appear to tell

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