Cecilia's Perspective On Life As A Girl

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I believe both of these passages are important because they both convey how experiencing life as a female may have influenced Cecilia’s decision to commit suicide. The first passage illustrates the unknown narrators’ perspective on life as a girl, specifically in reference to their thoughts after reading Cecilia 's diary. Whether these assumptions from the reading of her diary are accurate or not, they present an interesting insight as to how Cecilia may have felt. The narrators describe being a girl as imprisonment and make reference to their understanding of more adult-centric concepts such as death and love. Having knowledge of these themes whilst being surrounded by people, such as the narrators, who may have a lesser understanding could be draining. In an alternative view, these assumptions could be false and could present the pressures placed on Cecilia due to her being female. Cecilia is still simply a kid, and may very well not be the all-knowing creature the boys craft her to be. This potentially false analysis could be used to show behavioral expectations placed on Cecilia from an early age.…show more content…
While Cecilia could simply be expressing a melodramatic opinion, it does not seem plausible that her feelings are completely baseless considering the lengths she went to in order to attempt suicide. Most notably, Eugenides writes that what she said to the doctor was her only form of a suicide note. This implies that whatever pain Cecilia was experiencing due to her being a thirteen-year-old girl, continued until the day she successfully committed
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