Cedar Point-Personal Narrative

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What a Day Once upon a time I was going to Cedar point.It was going to be awesome! I mean I’m with my parents and my older siblings going to a huge theme park. Not! Sorry guys this isn’t a fairy tale. I was actually scared to death being forced by my older sister to ride the blue streak, why did I go you may ask, because I thought I could go to Snoopy land. Well I thought wrong. Here I was in the backseat of my moms car dreading every second, just waiting to get out and hear the screaming of millions of people. It was some type of break,probably spring, in 2012. My sister wanted to go to Cedar Point with my mom, dad, brother, and I. P.S. She ended up coming. My mom and dad started discussing what we should do. “Well should we go to Hershey…show more content…
Come here please!” “Coming!” we all shouted. “Would you guys like to go to Hershey park or Cedar Point?” “Cedar point!” my sister said. “Cedar point!” My brother exclaimed. “Hersheypark!” I whispered knowing I had been out numbered. “Ok then it 's settled, I’ll start planning for Cedar point!” My mom said. From that day forward I had no Idea what a day it was going to be. Finally the day had arrived when we got all packed and took a one day trip to cedar point. My mom packed some snacks and we hit the road. The whole ride there I was bored and hungry, but I wasn’t going to eat a healthy snack. Which was a bad idea since I get migraines when I don’t eat. “UGHHHH! I 'm so hungry!” I whinned. “Here eat a snack.” My mom told me. “No I don’t want that!” “Fine at least drink some water, we’ll be there soon.” “ok .”I said as I took the water. Then out of nowhere my sister started screaming saying look we 're here we 're here! At that moment my stomach started churning and moving, I knew it was going to be a horrible…show more content…
As we walked inside the dirty, salt stench, of a theme park, My sister started going nuts wanting to ride everything. My parents told her to wait a minute while they got themselves situated.Finally the part of the trip I was dreading the most, the part where I had to go ride the blue streak. The line wasn 't too long so we decided to go. I sat in the car with my sister, which by the way was a little bigger then me, so the bar that came across our lap only went up to my stomach. As we sat there with our parents behind us and brother in front, I started reading the warnings in the car. Don’t stand up at all times, keep all body parts in the car at all times, I thought. All of a sudden the man over the loudspeaker came on. “Please keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times. And please enjoy the ride!” Great it was too late to leave and say I quit. Now the car started moving slowly up a steep ramp above all the people. As we got to the top I knew I was not going to enjoy this. Whoosh!!!!! We started descending down the hill at a rapid speed, fast and faster, going up and down over bumps. As we started going down I could feel myself almost standing because of the bar, great I could potentially die if I don 't follow the rules. Instead of just letting myself stand I forced myself in with my elbows in my hips and my hands on the bar pushing me down. When the ride stopped panic arose in my parents voices. “Morgan where are you !” My mom

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