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Interference by ceftriaxone in serum creatinine estimation by Jaffe’s alkaline picrate method: a case report

Abstract: Serum creatinine, routinely used to asses the glomerular function is commonly measured by Jaffe’s alkaline picrate method. Many interfering substances have been reported for this non-specific method including many cephalosporin antibiotics.
We here report the effect of ceftriaxone in serum creatinine estimation by Jaffe’s method in the patient. Her serum creatinine levels before and after intravenous ceftriaxone administration was 0.7 mg/dl and 0.8 mg/dl respectively. The study concluded that ceftriaxone has no significant effect with this method. We then verified the same via in vitro experiments, although formation of non-creatinine complex was evident.

Serum creatinine level is an important parameter to assess glomerular function. It can be measured in the laboratory by the Jaffe’s alkaline picrate method and the enzymatic method. Jaffe’s method is the
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Based on her blood culture and sensitivity test report, IV ceftriaxone (Stacef, National health care Pvt. Ltd., Nepal), 1gm twice daily, was planned by her physician. As we needed to estimate the serum creatinine level of the patient before and after ceftriaxone administration, patient was well informed about the procedure, and the consent was taken.
Serum creatinine was estimated by Jaffe’s method in the blood sample before ceftriaxone was started. The value obtained was 0.7 mg/dl, the reference range being 0.5-0.9 mg/dl for females.
We again reported to the patient next morning. Venous blood (3 ml) was collected in a vacutainer containing clot activator gel after one hour of IV ceftriaxone administration. Serum creatinine level was estimated by the same method, and the value obtained was 0.8

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