Celebrities And Youth Identity

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"From the beginning of my career, he was my idol in show business. ...I had his poster on my wall." Celine Dion. Celebrities have a greater influential on the daily lifestyle of young people nowadays in Fiji and around the globe. This paper will argue the major impacts of celebrity youth icons on youth identity in Fiji and the world today. Therefore, I surely support that the society should address these challenges before the western modernization takes over culture and identity. According to the YouGov survey finds that the majority of British people (74%) think that the celebrity culture has a negative effect on young people’s life. From the YouGov survey it was analyzed that celebrity culture is one of the most common choices as biggest threats to young people. Statistics show that celebrities hold plenty of sway over impressionable young children. A 2006 study by USA Weekend found that half of teens agree that peers are more likely to smoke or drink because they see celebrities do it. Over three-quarters of teens think that their peers are likely to diet after a star loses weight, and some 60 percent say peers want to copy a celebrity’s tattoos and piercings. It is so evident nowadays in Fiji that sometimes young people don’t tend to follow their parents teaching. Thinking at the back of their mind that their celebrity icon is always correct and whereas their parents are outdated or obsolete. For instance if I a girl is not allowed to wear tight jeans by her parents, she
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