Celebrities Are Not Good Role Models Essay

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Everybody makes mistakes and we are all human beings. We learn from the mistakes we make and the mistakes stay between us. When it comes to famous people, everything they do it monitored and judged by millions of people. This means that everything they do affects the world and the way they see things. There are many people who look up to celebrities and see them as role models. Celebrities are not good role models because they don’t use their social media the right way, they give out the impression that money buys happiness, and they are presented to the world in an unrealistic way. Firstly, celebrities use social media and put out controversial content. The content they post gets a lot of attention due to the inappropriate message…show more content…
They aren’t fake as human beings but as how they are presented to the world. Women and sometimes men whine about how they hate a part of their body or how ugly they are. Everyone wants something they don’t have. They look at celebrities as flawless human beings who have amazing features. What people always forget is that what they see on magazines or on TV is airbrushed and edited. There are many young girls who look up to the top models and actresses who are known for being very beautiful individuals. They wish to be like the celebrities they see on billboards. Celebrities are just as human as everyone else. They have imperfections and their bad features. But that side of them is concealed by all the Photoshop and airbrushing done to them. People look at these edited pictures and get inspired to look like them. They often go off-board and spend thousands on plastic surgery or on fashion to look like their idols. This way, they feel closer and more attached to the celebrity they adore. Such acts are not normal and are dangerous to people. Micheal Jackson had fans go under the knife to look like him and even sound like him. The hidden reality of celebrities makes people go crazy and it is a way for them to become more people and earn more money. They are using harmful ways to gain fame and money. Celebrities aren’t the right people to be role models because –they misuse their social media, spend their money the wrong way,
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