Celebrities Get Paid Analysis

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Every single week, someone famous has broken the law. Lindsey Lohan, a well know actor and singer/songwriter, spent 84 minutes in jail after driving drunk and in possession of cocaine. She was originally sentenced to four days behind bars. She spent 84 minutes in jail before she was released. A normal person driving drunk would spend at least six months and a fine of 1,000 dollars. Cocaine possession results in a 16 months of jail time, on top of a 20,000 dollar fine. The point? Celebrities get off easier when they break the law than normal people. A lot easier. That 's a fact.

Normally, on average, the average person spends about six months in jail for a DUI. On January 23rd, 2014 Justin Bieber, was caught drag racing under the influence of alcohol. His punishment: nothing. The average person’s punishment for drugs are 2-3 years. In 2006, Lil Wayne was caught with a gallon sized bag of weed, according to the California Police Department His punishment: $10,185. To him, that’s nothing.
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Why do celebrities get off easier than normal people? Well, its because of the money. Celebrities get paid by the millions. Most of the time, celebrities get out by bail. However, those bails are set ridiculously low, considering the amount of money they have. Take Lil Wayne for example. His 10,185 dollar fine for possession of illegal drugs was less than .002% of his total earnings. That’s like a dollar to
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