Advertising As Celebrity Endorsement Analysis

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The use of celebrities in advertising as celebrity endorsement is a classic appeal that seeks the attention of the hearing and transfer the meanings associated with these characters or field of sport entertainment generally to the products and services of brands. The prevalence in use, it depends on the cultural level ranging from the notorious use in Western countries of character more individualistic and higher, profuse and abundant use Asian countries, with more collectivist culture. The incidence of celebrities and famous advertising is even more evident in advertising aimed at the young people as they show even more permeable to the presence and association with celebrities and famous brands (Şahin and Atik, 2013).
There are also studies
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Among these five, the two most persuasive qualities were the values-lifestyle and the success of the celebrities. While achievement influences exceedingly the affability of both worldwide and nearby celebrities, the information demonstrate that values and ways of life are imperative variables in the notoriety of celebrities, and the impacts of these are particularly solid on account of worldwide superstars. Additionally, interestingly, the reactions demonstrate that the qualities and ways of life of the worldwide celebrities are the main considerations with a negative impact on the notoriety of worldwide celebrities (Şahin and Atik,…show more content…
Chapter 2 will give evaluation of literatures relating to the research aspect. However, past literatures will be discussed in this section that would be related to effects of celebrity endorsement on teenage generation. Furthermore, chapter 3 will explain the methodology that will be implemented in this research. This specific section will give details about the methods for collecting data for the research in order to complete the research. Chapter 4 will give details about the result of the methodology that will be implemented and in that way, analysis will be done in this section. Lastly, chapter 5 will explain the conclusion and recommendations for the

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