Celebrities In The Media

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In an ideal world, everyone would have the same rights, opportunities, responsibilities despite their physical appearance. However, in the world we live in appearance is the judging factor for everyone and everything. This is happening in the workplace, media and social class. This phenomenon of discrimination and prejudice based on physical appearance is the definition of lookism. Lookism is unfairly linked to an individual’s success in a work environment. If someone does not look or dress a specific way, the chances of them getting their dream job is inevitably lowered, even though the individual may have all the required experience and education. People that are considered to be physically attractive encounter fewer barriers and earn…show more content…
The media focuses their attention differently to sell certain ideas and products; make-up products, plastic surgery options, women’s sports, and even children’s dolls do not get attention unless they get sexualized (VerBruggen). It is well known that plastic surgery and the pressure to look a certain way affects relationships and jobs. Celebrities in the media get plastic surgery to fix the things they do not like about themselves thus this is the reason celebrities are confident even without their makeup (Marx). Celebrities such as LaToya Jackson, Lisa Rinna, and Janet Jackson have had plastic surgery done on at least one part of their body. People in society look at the latest trends in the media to see what the latest trends…show more content…
An individual’s personal appearance may reflect, sustain, and nourish his or her personality and may be used as means of the individual’s attitude (Adamitis). Knowing that people judge on the basis of appearance is seemingly depressing. Whenever someone ask an individual in what social class do they belong the number on thing we as Americans focus on is how an individual look. Many people recognize what social class someone is by hearing what they look like. For example, someone that does not dress in clothing seen on fashion models or even the latest trends and do their hair or makeup every day is thought to be in a lower class than someone that dresses in expensive clothing and take the time to fix themselves
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