Celebrity Endorser Research Paper

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According to Fowles (1996), advertiser’s rationale for hiring celebrities to endorse products is that people consume images of celebrities and advertisers hope that people will also consume product associated with celebrities. This led to the perception that endorser are expected to have a positive impact on consumer response. When company decides to use celebrity as their endorser, there are some important factors of choosing the celebrity; source credibility, attractiveness, and source power (Dimed & Joulyana, 2005). Ohanian (1990) has collected some of the past literature about the effect and suggest three components which influence the celebrity credibility as an endorser such as expertise, trustworthiness, and the attractiveness.The…show more content…
In order to discern the importance of attractiveness, one only has to watch television or look at print advertisements, most advertisements portray attractive people. Consumers tend to form positive stereotypes about such people and, in addition, research has shown physically attractive communicators are more successful at changing beliefs (Baker and Churchill, 1977; Chaiken, 1979) and generating purchase intentions (Friedman et al., 1976) than their unattractive counterparts. It is contended that the effectiveness of a massage depends on similarity, familiarity, and liking for an endorser (McGuire, 1985). Similarity is defined as a supposed resemblance between the source and the receiver of the massage, familiarity as knowledge of the source through exposure, and likability as affection for the source as a result of the source’s physical appearance and behavior (Erdogan, 1999). Attractiveness does not mean simply physical attractiveness, but includes any number of virtuous characteristics that consumers might perceive in a celebrity endorser: for example, intellectual skills, personality properties, lifestyles, or athletic
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