Celebrity Crushes: A Waste Of Time

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Crushes are intense infatuations that everyone experiences at least once in my life and crushes can range from something light and easy like celebrity crushes or be as intense as best friends crushes. Although seem people like to brush crushes off as a waste of time, I think crushes are a necessity in learning more about yourself and what you want or need in a relationship. Since there are many different kinds of crushes, a way to differentiate the types of crushes such as celebrity crushes, unrequited crushes, and best friend crushes can be determined by the time span and reaction towards the crushes. Celebrity crushes are one of the best crushes to have because it’s so funny to be having a crush on a celebrity. These crushes start usually when the celebrity is at their peak of fame and it could last for a long time. Some celebrity crushes only happen during the celebrity’s peak of fame, like when a celebrity is doing an album promo or a movie tour around the world and the crush often fades away as the hype for the celebrity dies down. Personally, I have had a crush on Ian Somerhalder for nine years following him through his acting career. Since meeting your celebrity crushes are insanely difficult unless you personally know them, following news updates of your crush and meeting them in real life can spark two differing reactions. When I met Justin Bieber in real life, I started hyperventilating before meeting him because of the excitement and I couldn’t stop giggling and

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