Celebrity Endorsement Impact

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Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumer Buying Behavior Abstract Today celebrity endorsement becomes the multi-million industries in the world. Marketers endorsed celebrities with their products and brands in the advertisement to increase their sales and change the perception of the viewer’s regarding their brand, which positively impacts on their buying behavior. This research study focuses on the celebrity endorsement and its impact on the customer’s buying behavior and their perception regarding the product or brand of the company. A quantitative method is used in this research in order to investigate the impact of celebrity endorsement on buying behavior. The data of 200 respondents is collected through questionnaire and results were…show more content…
Now a day it’s the best strategy used by marketers to influence customers by showing celebrities with their products, it includes different appeals lie, exciting, absurdity, sexual etc. Belch, G. and Belch, M. (2008) acknowledged that the main aim of formulating such strategies is to get high brand revelation, longing, concentration and curiosity. To do so, marketers attach famous personalities’ with their products. McCracken (1989) stated that these famous personalities’ had great influence on the consumer’s buying behavior that’s why it becomes the most attractive tool of advertising now a day. The major aim to do advertising and adopt this strategy is to influence customers towards the products (Ohanian…show more content…
For making marketing decision buying process model is playing a very important role for any one. It makes marketers to think about each step of this process rather than just purchase decision because if marketers just consider the purchase decision, it may be too late for a business to influence the choice of customers. According to this model the customer pass through all stages for purchasing every goods or services. However, in more regular purchases, customer often skips some the stages (Kirmani & Shiv1998). Factors effecting buying behavior Brewster, Sparrow and Vernon (2007) explain about Factors that affect buying behavior and vary from person to person, age to age, and area to area. Every society follows its own norms, culture and values. At different stages of life our preferences change because of our age, needs, lifestyle, earning and psychological factors. These factors can be Internal (memory and way of thinking) or External (media, word of mouth, publicity and feedback). There are several factors, which pressure the buying

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