Celebrity Endorsement In Advertising

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• To understand consumer perception of the celebrities in advertisements.
• To understand the effectiveness of celebrity endorsement.
• To identify drawbacks associated with celebrity endorsement.
• To arrive at a meaningful conclusion of study
Everyday consumers are exposed to thousands of voices and images in magazines, newspapers and on billboards, websites, radio, blog and television. Every brand wants at least a fraction of a person‘s time to inform him or her of the amazing and different attributes of the product at hand. The challenge of the marketer is to find a formula that will hold the subject‘s attention. In helping to achieve this, use of celebrity endorsers is a widely used marketing strategy.
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But even then, the glamour of a celebrity seldom goes unnoticed. Thus, celebrity endorsement in advertisement and its impact on the overall brand is of great significance. In this process, the companies hire celebrities from a particular field to feature in its advertisement campaigns. The promotional features and images of the product are matched with the celebrity image, which tends to persuade a consumer to fix up his choice from a variety of brands. Is this the only way to curb the louasion as brand differentiating messages. (Dixit,2005).
Very often, various advertising styles are used by advertisers to influence consumer brand choice behaviour and among these different available choices one very popular choice is Celebrity Endorsements. (Alsmadi 2006)
―Traditional celebrity endorsements are as well established as the concept of celebrity itself.‖(Anonymous,
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In India especially, it is not difficult to find motives for the increasing use if celebrities in advertisements as Indians have always been in awe of the stars of the celluloid world. Indeed, some people are seen to admire, imitate, and become besotted with their favourite celebrities, which forms the crux for the celebrity endorsement being quite a sought after advertisement technique.(McCutcheon et.al 2003)
Today celebrity endorsement is being seen more and more as an integral part in an integrated marketing communication strategy. Hamish and Pringle (2004) suggest 3 macro factors present in the market today that in principal justifies the validity of celebrity endorsement as a promotional strategy. The first factors the increasing opportunity for interactivity between brands and their consumers. Second is the ―era of consent‖ situation present today where consumers have more control over the messages they receive. And lastly is the increasing

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