Celebrity Endorsements In Advertisements

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Have you ever purchased a product because you knew a celebrity was also a user of the item? Maybe you bought a brand of lipstick because your favourite actress expressed in a commercial that it made her lips plumper? Or did you buy a pair of sneakers because you thought it would make you jump as high as the pro athlete pictured in the magazine ad? Through this research, you will learn why companies use celebrity endorsements in advertising. A celebrity endorsement is when a famous person uses their notoriety to help sell a product or service.
Jet-Air is the manufacturer and marketer of athletic shoes. They make good quality sneakers and have survived for over ten years in the competitive marketplace. Paige, their new marketing
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For example, Paige knows that her target market of teenagers will want to purchase the new sneakers because they believe that wearing them will help their own basketball skills. This product transference of a celebrity skill works for any product. Even Paige herself buys clothing from a television star's product line in order to look just as fabulous as the actress. Finally, Paige wants to use LeBarn in all advertising-related material to help the product stand out from competition. The CEO has his own concerns about using a celebrity to endorse their new sneaker line.
The research attempts to find a relation between Celebrity Endorsement and Brand Personality towards a commercial i.e. to find how a consumer reacts towards a Brand on the basis of Celebrity Endorsement of the commercial. I.e. the study will check whether the consumer considers the Celebrity Endorsers for commercials to be relevant or he is confused after seeing the commercial or he is entertained. Various variables of Celebrity Endorsement and Brand Personality provide the relationship among these two.
• To study the impact of Attractiveness, Thustworthiness and Experpise of Celebrity Endorsers on Consumer.
• To study the different reactions of a consumer for a commercial.
• To study the relationship between Celebrity Endorsers and Brand
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This results in the marketers’ ultimate objective from all efforts put into the campaign, to be attaining brand image or brand personality.

There is no doubt that celebrity endorsers influence consumers’ purchasing decision. If there is an inherent fit or consistency between a celebrity and a product, the endorsement is in fact perfectly matched with the purpose of celebrity endorsement. However, there is no evidence proving that the usage of celebrity endorsement will achieve stronger brand loyalty in comparison to a non-use of celebrity endorsement. In fact, consumers might pay more attention to celebrities in advertisements than the actual product endorsed, which is not the marketers intention. Heavy use of celebrities in advertisements might create a paradox, because consumers cannot identify whether they like the celebrity in the advertisement or if it is the actual product they like. The ultimate goal of marketers is making consumers assert most of their attention to the products. But whether this goal can be accomplished by using celebrities is unsure. “Attractiveness remains important but the attraction of the celebrity is not the best way to build a positive benefit for the brand
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