Celebrity Endorsements In Advertising

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H1 Celebrity endorsed advertisements do not significantly impact on buyers purchase intent.
H2 Celebrity endorsement does not significantly increase the popularity and credibility of a product.
H3 Recall level of advertisement that is endorsed is not significantly higher than the one that is not endorsed

Famous people have always made excellent salesmen. Presenting a familiar face is one of the fastest and easiest ways for companies to create brand associations in the minds of consumers. When a widely loved actor or a heroic sports figure endorses a product, that product gains immediate credibility (Celebrity marketing) .Sports celebrity endorsement is highly researched in the field of marketing. People idolise celebrities
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The advent of celebrity endorsements in advertising in India began when Hindi film and TV stars as well as sportspersons began encroaching on a territory that was, until then, the exclusive domain of models. One of the first sports endorsements in India was when Farokh Engineer became the first Indian cricketer to model for Bryl cream. The Indian cricket team now earns roughly Rs. 100 crore through endorsements. There was a spurt of advertising, featuring stars like Tabassum (Prestige Pressure Cookers), Jalal Agha (Pan Parag), Kapil Dev (Palmolive Shaving Cream) and Sunil Gavaskar (Dinesh Suitings). Celebrity endorsement has been established as one of the most proffered tools of advertising. It has become a trend and perceived as a winning formula for product marketing and brand building. It is very easy to have a celebrity for a product or brand but it is very tough to establish a very strong association between the product and the endorser: because the objective is to build a brand not the celebrity. It is also important to appreciate that just because an individual is famous and considered a celebrity, he/she might not necessarily be an effective endorser. As said earlier, celebrity endorsement is always a two-edged sword and it has a number of positives— if properly matched it can do wonders for the company, and if not it may boomerang. If properly matched it can do wonders for the company,…show more content…
It is important to know what social class is being targeted as normally the buying behaviour of a social class is quite similar. Remember not just the income but even other factors describe social class of a group of consumers.
2) Social factors
Social factors are also subdivided into the following
• Reference groups
Under social factors reference groups have a great potential of influencing consumer behaviour. Of course its impact varies across products and brands. This group often includes an opinion leader.
• Family The behaviour of a consumer is not only influenced by their motivations and personalities but also their families and family members who can two or more people living together either because of blood relationship or marriage.
• Role and status
People who belong to different organizations, groups or club members, families play roles and have a status to maintain. These roles and status that they have to maintain also influences consumer behaviour as they decide to spend accordingly.
3) Personal

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