Celebrity Impact On Youth

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Negative impact of celebrities on youth

Celebrities have a great impact on teenagers, which is a considerable problem nowadays. We have all been witnessing unacceptable behavior by teenagers and children as well, however it is most likely to be labeled as “they are teenagers, they will grow out of it sooner or later”, but such behavior just showed up in our generation, whereas it did not exist in our parent’s and grandparent’s generations. Such a problem might not affect the society in the meantime but it definitely will be affected in the long term when this generation takes over the decision-making role. Unfortunately teenagers have an easy access to the social media where all the news of celebrities is widely spread in all the social media
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Firstly, with regard to dress, most celebrities are dressing inappropriately, where they wear revealing outfits and their style is extraordinary in a not presentable way. People in the west might not find it as an issue, but that is the complete opposite in the middle east’s culture, because of our traditions and that is something the teenagers in the Middle East don’t understand, they are trying in many ways to change their ancestor’s traditions and that itself is another significant problem. A further impact is with respect of behavior and lifestyle. According to Banigbe (2016). “Some teens today are easily influenced by what they see and if a teen is a huge fan of a celebrity, sooner or later, he might get obsessed with what that celebrity does and want to be exactly like him or her, from attitude to habits to character, not knowing that most of these things are just mere stage or screen acts and that they may be a different person in reality.” The definition of “cool” is defined inaccurately nowadays, where it is defined as breaking the rules, having fun all the time, not taking education seriously and also getting high on weed and alcohol. Young celebrities who have a great impact on teenagers make all the actions I have stated. They are negatively influencing our kids and we are not doing anything about it, and it is the sad truth. I have realized that alcohol and weed is…show more content…
Another celebrity role model example is Tyra Banks who is a supermodel. Tyra shows us that looks should not be our main concern in life. She is a Harvard Business school graduate and she also organized a number of charitable and social events. (Yesika Reyes, 2014)

I agree that we should not generalize on the fact that celebrities are influencing our teenagers negatively but the problem is that such celebrities are not prominent; they are not receiving the due exposure in the social media. Celebrities with positive influence are not given the opportunity to spread their positive message to the world because the spotlight is mostly given to those who have no dreams and goals in life.
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