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In marketing the tool of using celebrities in adverting has long been a staple in projecting a brands product image and reinforcing that image to its consumers. This marketing tool, being used for decades is still an effective and popular method of marketing communications, from Coca-Cola being endorsed by Lillian Nordica 1903-1905(Van Winkle 2014), to Lincoln being endorsed my Mathew McConaughey 2014-present (Wernle 2014).
The fact that this method is still being used today holds many advantages and influence the attitude of consumers towards the brand. This essay will delve into these advantages as well as issues, definitions, theories, methods and argue the issue “is it worthwhile for a brand to back celebrities”

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Ultimately the brand must know and identify what might go wrong with the investment. It is important to consider from the view point of the brand does the celebrity match up accordingly to the brands image, culture and product? If not the consumer will not be persuaded to buy the product. In 2012 the fashion brand GAP dropped Sarah Jessica Parker as the companies brand ambassador for example as a result of poor personality’s consistency between the brand and the celebrity (Messina 2013).
A brand must consider before signing a celebrity three main aspects. The attractiveness of the celebrity, which states that the attractive attributes of an endorser be it physical, intellectual, athletic and lifestyle, will influence the target audience and thus enhance the memory associated with the brand. The credibility of the celebrity is important to the brand being endorsed as it is an external cue for the consumer to bypass brand clutter in the market and cannot be fulfilled if the trust-wordiness and professionalism of the celebrity is discredited. Finally the meaning transfer is when the success of the collaboration is reliant on the relativity in characteristics between the celebrity and the brand in regard to image, personality and market position to name a few (See figure 1.1) (Roll
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Celebrities are human and are prone to make human mistakes, as their personal life is constantly in the public and medias eye, it is quite easy for them to be scrutinized for any mistakes they make and the repercussion can be greater than in comparison to someone that is not in the limelight. The brands have little or no control over how the celebrity acts in public and represent their brand (Erdogan, 1999). A popular example is Tiger Woods losing $22 million in endorsements which included AT&T
A celebrity can become bigger than the brand it endorses and unintentionally drowning out the brand in the advertising. The ad suddenly about the celebrity and communication with consumer is lot Millward
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