Celebrity Influence On Society

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Introduction In the world we live in today, we are exposed to various of things that eventually have the power to influence our choices of decision and our lifestyles at large. Today, the media is the most influential platform to the society. The media is often used as a platform by businesses to engage with the masses with regards to their brand and the products and services that they offer. It is with no doubt known that celebrities are commonly seen in adverts being marketed by significant brands that offer products or services. This form of activity is known as celebrity endorsements, whereby the celebrity is enrolled into a brand and is used as a resource to market the products and services of the brand to the consumers, in a way that will make them desirable to the potential consumers and in return for the brand, an increase in sales and a change in the perception of their viewers regarding their brand, which positively impacts their buying behaviour. But why specifically a celebrity endorser one might ask? Basically, a celebrity is defined as someone who enjoys public recognition and is commonly well-known by the population resulting to them having a large influence on individuals in a society. Therefore, a brand is more interested in using the assistance of a celebrity because the usual aim of a brand is to create a larger support base to increase sales, thereof, this results in the businesses using popular public figures (celebrities) who already have an
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