Celebrities Influence On Teenage Culture

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These days celebrities have an extensive impact on teenage culture in Australia. Celebrities are confident and appear that they can do anything they desire, they have “beautiful” bodies and they set trends, including fashion and what’s “cool” to do. One in four teenagers admit that celebrities have a huge impact on the way they act and look at things. Nearly every aspect of a celebrities life is illustrated in magazines, movies, songs, ads and social media. These things are so easy to access now days and teenagers always follow the moves of the popular celebrities. Celebrities and many teenagers are often known for their rebellious behaviour and how confident they are to do what ever they desire. There are many ways that celebrities influence teenagers to act confident and rebellious. Song lyrics generally give a very strong message to teenagers. The song “Do What You Want” by…show more content…
This theory has been proved over and over again, for example last year several sports stars and media celebrities dabbed, this included people like Ellen or Hillary Clinton who teenagers watch very often. Not long after celebrities were shown dabbing, people everywhere started doing it especially teenagers. Teenagers follow celebrities and with the help of advertising they do whatever is “popular” amongst the big names. Celebrities are definitely the most influential people on teenagers at the moment. They are confident, have beautiful body image and they set trends. Kristy Fairclough a senior lecturer quoted “In the 21st century, the impact of celebrity culture on society, especially on young people, has come under scrutiny“. This quote shows that many people can see the extensive impact from celebrities on teenagers. All texts including, magazines, movies, songs, ads and social media. Nearly every aspect of celebrities life is portray in these texts for teenagers to be affected

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