Celebrity Influence On Young Customers

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According to the Centre for Psychological Therapy Prisma, adolescents are forming their identity when seeking references in celebrities. But this not only occurs in adolescence, but often also in other stages of life (Boyland et al., 2013). Teenagers are the qualities, behaviours and habits imitate their idols and hoping to be like them. This influence is largely propagated by the power of mass media and social networks. The idols come from the permanent exhibition of his virtues and behind them are their flaws, which also are often idealised or directly ignored. In addition also it has very prominent role advertising; since often celebrities are convened by the big brands to be the public image of its products including: Food (Dwivedi et al.,…show more content…
Effect on behaviour and attitude of young customers by celebrity endorsement
Prosperous individuals are good examples for youngsters, influencing not just the picture of the perfect self in their brains, additionally moulding their propensities, practices and everyday lives. Having the ability to change and shape youngsters' lives, effective celebrity directs the expert and self-improvement of youngsters. Considering these impacts, utilising well known and effective experts as a part of promoting correspondences rehearses, particularly of products and services identified with their profession, can possibly build endorsement success (Dwivedi et al., 2015).
Young people and children follow the example of their idol exact causes these young people do not develop their own identity and therefore cannot generate a personality of their own, if not with the same way of being, of acting and thinking that modern artists. Young people relate to these models because people either in their songs, in their videos or movies, they seek to reflect the experiences of adolescence and thus they identify (Rhodes, 2013). With the use of
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(UNICEF, 2010). This is a very high rate and as time goes on, the numbers of children who ingest these substances are increasing (Priporas and Kamenidou, 2014).
This can have various causes. For example: family problems, such as alcoholism, drug abuse, parental divorce, physical and mental abuse, poverty, among others. But also it influences the bad examples that the world of "pop culture" gives to the world. Since children and young people want to become how are you "superstars" and thus mimic their actions. One of the consequences that may result from these facts is that children are more rebellious and are against their parents and therefore do not complete their studies and are condemned to not being able to get a decent job in his life (Llorca, 2008).
A report by ABC News suggests that celebrities can be a bad influence; in this case he is talking about teenage girls, but we all know how many times other musicians, singers or actors are idolised by young people commit certain drug-related abuse alcohol facts and are immune to it or in the worst case as heroines; They are images that then fall and impact of erroneous and negative effect on young people (Roozen and Raedts,
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