Celebrity Promotion In Advertising

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With the onset of television as a powerful mass media in India in 1980s dimension for giving advertising message changed a lot. A number of brands like Vimal, Thums Up and Gwalior started using star appeal during their early days of mass advertising. The role of celebrities 1.5.nalities to endorse its product. During its heyday, the product featured Pope Leo XIII in its advertisements as a regular user of Vin Mariani. It can be said that celebrity endorsement received a new dimension from this initiative. The tonic later inspired the creation of Coca Cola soft drink. Today, Coca Cola’s ambassadors are an endless list of celebrities and sportspersons. (Picture in Annexure 2). Frry Bulger were used by Murad Cigarettes in its ads in 1905. Later cigarette brand endorsers were Henry Fonda, Jack Benny, Ethel Barrymore and Fred Astaire. Based on the positioning of products celebrities are used to promote.…show more content…
These cards are given as a gift given to the loyal customers. Presence of these cards soon played a major role in increasing the sale of the product. People started buying the cigarettes for the cards and endorsements helped in increasing the sale of the product. There is basically no evidence to prove that these brands had permission of the celebrities used for promoting the brand. Infact history says that Honus Wagner, a baseball player stopped a tobacco company that was using his name as endorsement and baseball card to sell its products. Later the cards became very popular and one of those cards was sold on e-bay in July 2000 for $1.1

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