Celebrity Role Models Ruining Children

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Celebrity Role Models Ruining Childhoods? Celebrity role models can be viewed as a negative impact and poorly influence teens. Big name celebrities can easily manipulate vulnerable teens, afflict the child’s self-esteem, and affect one’s family. In fact, some role models are only considered “role models” because of their renown. As some teens are exposed to their phones and celebrities most of the day, they are influenced into thinking that only the celebrities way of thinking is ethical. Teens are even looking up to these “perfect” celebrities which is affecting their self-respect. These celebrity role models are even going as far as separating and dividing some families. Celebrity role models negatively impact children's lives and have…show more content…
Diane’s discovery proves that teens being manipulated leads to serious dangers. Children are also being put down by comparing themselves with celebrities and are lowering their self-esteem. Some celebrities focus on beauty and promote beauty being the number one priority. Teens do not understand that stars are only playing their roles. Nor do they always understand that the actors may have entirely personalities different when they are off-camera (Hamlett). When someone is exposed to the makeup-filled celebrity then look at themselves in the mirror, their self-esteem drops. These “fake”, materialistic celebrities are showing children that you have to be perfect. For example, if a child with excessive acne see’s a celebrity with a clear face and no acne at all, then looks in the mirror, he/she is going to be put down and lose self-respect. Celebrities are satisfied with themselves but rarely know the harm they are doing on…show more content…
Teens are beginning to focus on celebrities more than their families. Some teens are more likely to listen to words of their favorite celebrities than their own parents, according to an article in “Renew” magazine by Barbara Theodosiou, founder of the Addict’s Mom organization (Martinez). As the child becomes more and more focused on the celebrity rather than the family, they become lonely. This also makes the family sad as they see the child begin to isolate themselves. When the child is manipulated into doing bad actions, the family begins to feel sorrowful. All these are simple, small steps when a family begins to divide. Rampulla 3 Role Models are people in which we look up to and have a positive effect on us and those around us. Celebrities as role models may have a few upsides such as motivating to follow your dreams. However, celebrities, as stated, can easily manipulate and influence wrongly, lower self-esteem, and separate one’s family. In fact, some celebrity role models, such as NBA and NFL stars have reportedly turned out to be violent and influenced some children to become aggressive. Would you want one of your children looking up to one of these harmful

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