Celebrity Culture Is Beneficial To Society

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How do you view today's celebrity culture? Celebrity culture today is seen in many ways. Many celebrities try to good for others and try to influence those who look up to them. Celebrities will use their platform to influence and help others who may need it. “Celebrity Culture” is beneficial to society because it often addresses real and fake information and many celebrities contribute to philanthropy.

“Celebrity Culture” is beneficial because of philanthropy. Philanthropy is when someone has the desire to promote the welfare of others, usually in pop culture is when celebrities donate large amounts of money and opening charities. The benefits that some celebrities receive that will put into things like charity and helping raise awareness to specific issues. According to Emily Sweeney, Oscar-winning actor Chris Cooper and his wife, Marianne Leone helped “raise money for Handi Kids Summer Camp in Bridgewater, and established the Jesse Cooper Foundation for their son who died of complications from cerebral palsy in 2005.” Many celebrities like the Coopers have started foundations like Jesse’s but for many different organizations and reasons. Also according to Emily Sweeney, a reporter for Boston Globe, “Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry gave two guitars to the Duxbury schools.” Perry also donated an autographed guitar which sold
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Celebrity culture shows others that being a celebrity does not mean that you can do whatever and have whatever you want because celebrities have trouble doing normal things without getting noticed and judged. Use these powerful celebrities as role models and also use them to fight for what is right. Get them to use their platform to speak out about issues. Society needs people to look up to and aspire to be, and to want to be like, and many celebrities give them that person or

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