Celebrity Worship Syndrome In America

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Justin Bieber, Beyonce, the Kardashians – these are just a few of the most popular people in America. Whether they are famous for their musical talents, their movies, or just their money, celebrities have captured the attention of the world. While they may deserve some admiration for their talents and achievements, the attention put on these individuals is often to the extreme. Some fans even go as far as idolizing these individuals. In extreme cases, this is given the name “celebrity worship syndrome” by psychologists. Celebrity worship syndrome, or CWS for short, is a disorder in which a fan becomes obsessed with a celebrity and their personal life. A political writer, Mike Weishar, wrote an article titled “Celebrity Worship: The Worst Drug In America” in which he describes celebrity worship as being an escape from one’s own reality. By idolizing celebrities, people with CWS choose to focus on a celebrity’s life instead of their own. This can lead to mental illnesses like social anxiety and depression. In Weishar’s article, he explains that CWS is almost always present in one’s life, even if it is just minor and not as obvious as extreme cases. He gives the example of a young child who idolizes and wishes to be like a Disney princess or G.I. Joe character. Weishar goes on to say that by early teenaged years, the more extreme…show more content…
With so much attention drawn to them at anytime, celebrities are always seen as having the perfect hairstyle, outfit, and make up. This greatly influences the fashion industry. Clothing sold in many department stores often try to imitate a celebrity’s look. Some celebrities even get the chance to have their own fashion line in chain department stores like Wal-Mart. Many girls who strive to always keep up with the current trends are often victims of falling for a celebrity’s look, no matter how ridiculous it may
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