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Persons diagnosed with Celiac disease or affected by gluten sensitivity are unable to consume gluten. Gluten is therefore eliminated from the diet in order to prevent adverse effects. The need for gluten-free products therefore arise. However, replacement of the gluten present with non-gluten components lead to challenges which arise as a result of the structural roles of gluten, resulting in gluten-free products having low textural and sensory qualities. Addition of compounds such as starches, gums and hydrocolloids, dairy products and other non-gluten proteins results in an improvement in the sensory and textural qualities of gluten-free products. Introduction Gluten, composed of gliadin and glutelin, is an insoluble protein found in the endosperm of cereal grains such as, wheat, barley, rye and triticale (cross between wheat and rye). It is the protein that gives dough its elasticity, as well as affects…show more content…
To prevent contamination, the products are manufactured in a facility that is dedicated to producing gluten-free products. The cereal options include corn and rice-based granola cereal varieties, such as Nutty Cranberry Maple, Extreme Fruit & Nut, Apple Raisin Walnut and Cranberry Orange Cashew. Oat-based cereals also are available, example Blueberry Flax, however, some gluten intolerant persons may also be sensitive to avenin,5 and as oat may be contaminated by gluten during processing at mills which also process gluten grains it is normally avoided.6 Boulder Granola, also certified by the GFCO, is also available. It contains gluten-free oats and is available in four flavours (original, vanilla pecan, cranberry and chocolate chunk),5 thus giving gluten intolerant or insensitive persons a variety to choose from as with gluten-containing cereal

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