Celie's Hierarchy Of Needs Analysis

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Celie 's constant search for the truth may be the most amazing characteristic of this beautiful character. Celie is at the bottom of the social hierarchy in the South because she is poor, she is black, and she is female. As a female she is abused by her step-father and by her husband. She lives in a patriarchal social system that does not value a female except as a sexual object and a laborer. Celie looks for ways to stand up for this unfair system. She meets someone and that someone changed her outlook on pretty much everything. By the end, Celie has built a successful business, largely because she never gave in to the reality of her life, but searched for the truth beyond it. Maslow 's hierarchy of needs is a description of the needs that motivate human behavior. In 1943, Abraham Maslow proposed five different kinds of human needs, beginning with the most basic ending with self-actualization. The first step of the hierarchy of needs would be Physiological needs such as: food, water, oxygen, rest, etc. Celie reached the first step because she was provided with all of the necessities needed to survive in a day to day life. Safety is the next stage. It took Celie a little while to overcome this stage in her life. She basically lived every day in fear until she left mister. The third stage is belongingness and…show more content…
She manages to deal with sexual, emotional, and physical abuse, the loss of her babies, the loss of Nettie, Also she had a life filled with struggles, prejudice, and poverty. Celie was also denied an education being as though she is the oldest and she has to tend to the home responsibilities. Even though she was denied that opportunity she did not let that hinder her willingness to learn. For someone who had to face all of those challenges, she still maintained faith. Celie still remained a caring and gentle soul who finds it easy to love. Celie also had great coping skills and survival
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