Celie's Roles In The Color Purple By Alice Walker

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The Color Purple Introduction The Color Purple was written by an American author Alice Walker and was published in 1982. It won numerous awards in literature and film. It also had musical and radio adaptations. The story is all about Celie, who is a black woman and it was taken place in Southern United States. Celie’s life became a very hard one, for she had undergone severe maltreatment and sorrows which started on her adolescent years until her married life. Despite the tribulation, Celie made a letters to God as her confidant and as her way of expressing how she feels. She had met a lot of people along the way which plays several roles that made her learn a lot of things. Some made her life more difficult,…show more content…
During her young and difficult life, she started writing letters to God and express how she feels. She had tremendous abused from her father Alphonso who raped, beaten, and impregnated her twice. She presumed that Alphonso also killed her children after she delivered them. Alphonso had a new wife after her mother died. After quite some time, Alphonso wanted her instead of her pretty sister Nettie to marry a man they known only as Mister but with a real name of Albert. Her sufferings continued as Mister treated her as a slave, beaten her often, and treated unlikely as a wife. Her husband also have a mistress named Shug Avery by which the photographs she saw. Her sister Nettie tried living with them but manage to leave due to the advances of Mister. Mister’s sister named Kate felt sorry for Celie’s fate and encouraged her to fight Mister. Mister’s had a son named Harpo (not Celie’s son) who married a brave girl named Sofia and also encouraged Celie to fight back. Mister wanted Sofia to be inferior to his son by trying to beat her, but Sofia as strong woman manage to fight back and even to Harpo. Sofia moved out with her children due to the rudeness of Mister and Harpo, while Harpo had another girlfriend named Squeak. Sofia was lead to meet Miss Millie, the mayor’s wife who put Sofia to jail due to her insubordination. When Mister’s mistress Shug…show more content…
The script was by Patricia Cumper, and in 2009 the production received the Sony Radio Academy Award, Silver Drama Award. The Recognitions The Color Purple is a 1982 epistolary novel by American author Alice Walker that won the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the National Book Award for Fiction. The film was a success at the box office, staying in U.S. theaters for 21 weeks, and grossing over $142 million worldwide. In terms of box office income, it ranked as the #1 rated PG-13 movies released in 1985, and #4 overall. The Color Purple was nominated for five Golden Globes, including Best Picture (Drama), Best Director for Spielberg, and Best Supporting Actress for Winfrey. Its only win went to Goldberg for Best Actress (Drama).

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