The Importance Of Cells In The Human Body

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There are more than 60,000 billion cells that make up the human body, they are the units that make up the tissues which make up our organs. When it is needed, the cells split into two and replace the ones which have come to their death, this makes it possible for our tissues to preserve their shape and their respective function with the passage of time. Every cell is therefore programmed to multiply and die. In order to multiply, the cell goes through a cycle whereby it completes phases in order to reach its final phase where it multiplies. The cells in our body can be seen only at microscopic scale. Together, these cells form the tissues and the organs of our bodies. Principally these cells are the same, but differ in some ways. The reason…show more content…
Cell cycle can be considered as seasons of the life of a cell and there are two overarching seasons, namely interphase and mitosis. Interphase is a phase where cell growth occurs and not cell division. As for mitosis, it is a phase where active cell division occurs. Within interphase lies a few other phases. The first one is the growth phase (or G1), this is where the cell grows in size and it is one of the longest phase in the interphase. Cells spend most of its life in the G1 phase and in this stage, the cell produces extra organelles, such as proteins, which will be used in the process of cell division. Organelles are to cells what organs are to the body. Furthermore in this stage, the cell prepares for DNA synthesis. Now if the cells want to continue growing, it will move forward and go to the next stage which is the S stage or the DNA synthesis stage; This is where DNA replication occurs, and in this stage the cell must decide whether it will go with the flow of the cell cycle or will it move into a non-dividing state known as the G0 phase. In this case, the latter will not be considered as emphasis will be on cancer cells which are rapidly dividing cells. After the S phase, the cell will proceed forward to the G2 phase which is another growth phase where it will further grow and prepare to enter mitosis. There are different ways that the cell prepares to do so, but one way is by creating microtubules, which…show more content…
Chromosomes are just DNA modules which are packed into thread like structures. And finally the last phase of the cell cycle is called mitosis. This stage comprises of 4 sub phases, namely prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. During prophase, the nuclear membrane starts to go away and at the same time, the centrosomes migrate to the opposite side

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