Cell Phone Addiction Assignment

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The cell phone addiction assignment was by far one of the most challenging assignments I have ever done. This assignment required me to give up my phone for 15 classes. I slowly started to notice and realize why this assignment was called the cell phone addiction assignment. Because it was a test to see student’s addiction to their phones she called it the addiction assignment. Just like any other addict I was having troubles performing my daily class activities without my phone. As days progressed it became easier for me to do my class tasks and I began to function normally towards the last days of this experiment. During this experiment, I started to notice that I had an attachment to my phone, just like an alcoholic addict has an attachment…show more content…
I strongly recommend this activity for future Hsp classes. This is because without doing this activity students tend to think they cannot live without their cell phone and can 't manage to pay attention the whole period without entertaining their selves on their phone, but by the end of the experiment they can do these things without the need of their cell phone. They will find other ways to entertain their self-such as reading more information about the topic being taught, sharing ideas with classmates, testing one another, or making a little game out of the information. If this activity is done in other hsp classes, it will teach the students that they could go on without their cell phone. Also, that life is much better when we are socialising with one another and sharing ideas rather than texting. This activity will help them notice that their work habits will improve a lot if they are not distracted by their phones. As well as having plenty of positive impact even after the activity is over, one example is that the student will not be pulling out their phones as often and will have the chance to take place in activities and clubs they have never considered
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