Mobile Phone Transmission Detector Essay

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Oshin Joshi,1 Anuranjan Kushwaha,2 Ashish Yadav3,,
Guided by: Ms. Ghazala Ansari

ABSTRACT:- The aim of the paper is that preventing the use of mobile phones and thus detecting them in the restricted areas like examination halls and confidential rooms. As we know that mobile transmission detector can sense the presence of activated mobile phones. The range of this detector is one and half meter. This can also be used for detecting the use of mobile phone for spying and unauthorized video transmission.
The circuit can sense the incoming and outgoing calls. It can also sense SMS and video and image transmission. This circuit can sense in the silent mode also. LED starts blinking when bug detects RF transmission signal from an activated mobile phone. Information provider system with the detector circuit is provided. The detector sends the signal to the receiving antenna which is sensed by the info provider system. Result is displayed on LCD
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In future the range of detection can be increased by modifying the circuit. In this paper, we proposed the prototype of a mobile phone detector that detects the presence of mobile phones in examination halls and conference rooms. The detector is not only for detecting mobile phones at the entrance but rather throughout examination time. Active phones which comes under the range of the detector will be detected. The detected mobile phone can be then given to the invigilator for appropriate action. In addition the information provider system has a wider range. It is an advancement we have made in the mobile detection

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